Happy Pets

Happy Pets

Looking after your pets when you're at work, play or away. The Poo Wizard Mission is to provide ancillary pet services that extend or enable a pet ownership experience, reducing pet owners loneliness and isolation and increasing all the AWESOME benefits that come from being around unconditional love. Let's face it, Dogs are great but picking up poo is not. We all know what goes in must come out. There is no way around it. The POO WIZARD will visit your yard as many times a week as you feel necessary so your dogs special presents don't ruin the enjoyment of your yard.

How we Clean the Poo
Poo Be Gone

Emergency Poo Removal

Easy Peasy

Regular Scheduled Poo Removal


Additional Animal Care Services

Additional Truro Pet Services
Truro Pet Services Company
Dog Walking

The Poo Wizard will come to your house and walk your dog for at least a 1/2 hour in familiar surroundings. Longer and off site adventure walks are also available

Truro Pet Services Company
Cat Visits

I will check on your cat, empty the litter box and administer any medications.

Truro Pet Services Company
Pet Sitting

I will check on your pet, feed play and walk them up to four times per day so you can focus on enjoying your vacation and satisfying your home insurance.